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2 Months As An Entrepreneur - 10 Things I've Learnt

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

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Wow what a journey. Two months since I started my own business (I am the business by the way – cue embarrassed, uncomfortable giggle) and I have learnt so much. I have been anxious, scared, exhilarated, surprised, motivated, tired and energised in one glorious meandering adventure. Of course, the journey has actually only just begun but here goes with my top ten learnings so far;

1. I’m an extrovert and I need to communicate. With humans. Regularly. My poor dear friend who waxes my legs had earache for days after a 30-minute visit in my second week solo. It was the Easter hols with the kiddos, no office, no adult conversation and I’d acquired a large dog with a big heart & a big engine that I had no clue how to control.

2. Fear. I was anxious in my 1st few weeks, not least because I’d acquired Rocky at such a pivotal time and having been readying myself emotionally for this untested new venture, neither the dog not my adored kids on school holidays, afforded me the time to get past go. To me this meant delaying the validation that I’d not made a massive mistake = anxiety.

3. Business development & pipeline, this is constantly top of mind. Great I’m busy, great next month looks good, that’s 3 interesting conversations this week but… how many will convert? Ok, next month looks strong but what about the month after that? That said, I am reassured by the run rate so far and the upward trajectory of revenue as the weeks roll by.

4. Not that I suffer significantly from imposter syndrome, but it took some time to develop a little clarity and conviction about what I can offer. Oh yes, I do know things of value that other people don’t. I am an expert ha!

5. I now have ultimate freedom which is saying something coming from an exceptionally progressive & flexible employer. I am now entirely master of my own destiny. Doing new things all the time, lots of lovely stretch in that newness (naturally without selling so far outside your comfort zone as to fail and discredit yourself). It is liberating to be in complete control of what you do work on, when, where & how.

6. It has required quite a mindset shift after years of marketing client’s brands, then marketing the Golin brand itself to marketing…yourself. Gulp. Uncomfortable especially for a Brit and especially when I’ve named the company after myself!

7. I really do love networking which is essentially for me, socialising. I also put it in the same bracket as personal development or learning. This means that I have carte blanche to meet all sorts of friends & contacts, to accept some wonderful event invitations, and to populate LinkedIn and Twitter with gay abandon. And, with a ‘karma not kickback’ approach (thx @Lisa Unwin), I am buzzing with new ideas, on a social high, and lo and behold, doing decent business too.

8. People are fundamentally nice and wow do whole armies of them want to help. It’s totally karma no kickback being applied in reverse and I am SO grateful to the legions of friends, family, contacts and total strangers who have been drawn by my diversity/gender purpose and are really helping. This is dangerous as I’m so obviously going to make unintentional omissions but massive thanks to Craig Bonner, Rob Stephenson, Bibi Hilton, Laura Weston, Pete Tafler, Jessica Dash, Nicky Imrie, Gethin Nadin, The PRCA, Justine Manche, Sarah Taylor, Kristoff Du Bose, Jessica Chivers, Neil Kleiner, Dan Noctor, Sam Burton, Emily Larive & John Holland and Lindsay Patterson.

9. Admin is not a strength of mine and I do not always naturally find the shortest way from A to Z. However, as a one-woman business I am responsible for everything and I am therefore getting better at embracing new tools to improve efficiencies.

10. And finally, if anyone at any stage of their career can find a way to combine a social purpose with making a living, you’re going to be onto a winner as you’ll be effervescent, and your passion will be evident. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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