• Jane Fordham

Musings from a Lockdown Staycation

Updated: Apr 20

So here we are in week five of Covid-19 lockdown and last week was a family holiday. Ok we weren't in a beautiful waterside property in Dorset, no watersports, sundowners or ice cream but, my key takeout is that now more than ever, r&r is vital to keep us all going. Don't cancel all your holiday just because it's an enforced staycation. Whatever our personal situation, psychologically, we have all had a great deal to process in a relatively short period of time. Uncertainty, change and risk are draining. I had a wonderful week with the family. With some time to think and process this strange time we're in, I've thrown down my musings and observations of life thus far under lockdown;

· I actually miss live sport on TV

· My slippers have worn out

· The kettle has also expired through overuse

· I miss takeaway coffee

· The weekly food delivery (so lucky to be getting a regular slot) is almost double our usual spend but, food waste is right down

· I really do like my family

· I married the right man, I still like him too

· Teachers are amazing

· There's been some serious nesting at home

· I do NOT miss commuting

· I do miss hugging

· I miss my Mum

· Our playroom is that we can see the floor

· Spring cleaning is deeply therapeutic and a good workout

· I hope the person who stole our bikes runs out of loo roll

· My kids are resilient and gifted with immense emotional intelligence. Two beautiful gifts in the last two weeks to thank us for everything we’re doing for them during these crazy times

· I love my work. Like so many millions of Britains, it is gutwrenching to see the business I've built up over the last two years contract so quickly. I can't control a global pandemic however and I'm grateful still to have the work I do.

On balance, we've got it good. We are all healthy and have so much to be grateful for. I am buoyed by the very best of humanity currently on display. People are amazing, kind, generous and crazy creative when the sh&t hits the fan. Back to looking after yourselves, do safeguard time to reboot. You cannot function effectively if you don't.


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